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  • Brain, Head & Neck
    The high precision head, neck and shoulders immobilization system offers (sub)millimeter precision to perform 3DRT, IMRT, IGRT, SRT, SRS, Robotic RT and High Energy RT.
  • Breast, Lung & Abdomen
    The blue AIO cushion set is designed to achieve a comfortable and reproducible supine position of the patient. This position is primarily used for the treatment of malignancies in the thorax and the abdomen. Efficast thermoplastic masks can be used to immobilize the bony anatomy and obtain increased reproducibility of the patient's position.
  • Belly & Pelvis
    Orfit Industries offers two solutions for treatment in the pelvic area:
    - AIO Bellyboard & Pelvic Solution
    - Pelvicast System
    Thermoplastic masks are available for both supine and prone immobilization.
  • Prone Breast
    The yellow AIO cushion set is designed to obtain a comfortable and reproducible patient position for the "prone breast" treatment technique.
  • The AIO Solution
  • MammoRx Breast Board
    The MammoRx patient positioning systems assist in establishing and reproducing accurate patient positions for breast and lung treatment in supine position.
  • Sagittilt Prone Breast Solution
    The SagittiltTM prone breast solution is a positioning and immobilization system that accurately sets-up and reproduces the prone position of a breast patient during both simulation and treatment.
  • Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)
    The SBRT solution provides the stability and reproducibility needed for high dose and high precision treatments. Its precision, stability and ease of use enables the treatment of abdominal and lung tumors in a comfortable way.
  • Orfit MRI-S Solution
    The Orfit MRI-S Solution for Head & Neck provides patient immobilization on the Siemens MAGNETOM® family of MRI scanners.
  • Proton Therapy Immobilization Solution
    Orfit’s proton therapy patient immobilization solution has been designed to meet the specific standards effective proton therapy demands.
    Note: this prototype has not been released. As yet, the device has neither a CE-marking nor is it FDA-listed.
  • Paediatric
    Orfit Industries offers a range of products that is specifically designed for treatment of paediatric patients.
  • Extremities
    Orfit offers a complete immobilization solution, specifically designed for fixation of extremities. The system consists of a low density base plate and leg support, two comfort cushions and five dedicated masks.
  • Indexable Knee and Foot Solutions
    Several Indexable Knee and Feet Solutions are available that can be used as a stand-alone device or in combination with the AIO Solution.
  • Vacuum Bags
    The Orfit Vacuum Bag Cushion (VBC) System in combination with Efficast thermoplastic masks offers an optimal solution for very high precision immobilization in stereotactic treatments.
  • Water Baths
    The Orfit water baths are specifically designed to heat up any Orfit mask in the optimal conditions.
  • Comfort Cushions
    This unique set of comfort cushions is used in combination with our standard products to increase the comfort of a specific patient.
  • Bolus Materials
    Specially formulated thermoplastic pellets and sheets can easily be moulded and placed onto thermoplastic masks to obtain a bolus effect.
  • Fixation Devices
    Orfit Industries offers a complete range of Base plate-to-couch top fixation devices to secure the different types of Orfit hardware to different couch tops. To find the devices you need for an easy and secure fixation of any base plate to any couch top, please refer to ourProduct Finder.

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